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It all starts with a dream.

Dreams are what keep me, keep us going through tough times. Let your eyes wander across the vast blue sky. Look at the stars and the clouds; there lies the essence of your aspirations. Exploring Milka’s Dreaming, may it serve as a reminder to keep dreaming, keep reaching the stars.
Because dreams are where we find the boundless potential of our existence. Today, as I reflect on over a decade of Kismet by Milka, I am humbled by how far I've come. But more than that, I am inspired by the endless possibilities that lie ahead. Because in the world of dreams, there are no limits.



The figures born from dreams in Milka's Dreaming collection include moon, star, cloud, rainbow, heart, ladder, feather and rabbit. This collection brings together different forms with the combination of 14K gold, multicolor gold colors. Each design in this collection can be easily combined from day to night, emphasizing functionality and originality.