Spending my childhood in the blissful island Büyükada, I had the opportunity to experience a slower, more gentle way of living, almost as if time had stopped in an era filled with nostalgia. I wandered and gazed at the charming Ottoman-era mansions all around the island, hopped on a bike, feeling the wind on my face, and with the setting sun, returned back home with a warm heart.

The balcony attached to my little bedroom was my safe haven. A place where I got back to at the end of the day, where I waited for my father to return back home from work, and stared into the beauty of the island looking forward to see a familiar face:

Istanbul. A City that architecturally enchants me, has transformed into my main source of inspiration. Within this juxtaposition of extreme opposites lies hidden beauty. So out there, yet so out of sight, these stunning balconies seem like the only constant in Istanbul’s changing fabric. A safe space where the beauty of history and architecture remain preserved.

These diamonds in the rough lay up above a buzzing city, above the delightful islands of the Marmara Sea, and has turned into my interpretation of defying classical beauty ideals.

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