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The Boldest Way to Customize Your Style: PIERCING

Perfectly complementing the idea of “the new cool”, a classic punk rock item, the piercing, has gotten revamped through the hands of Kismet by Milka, but with a twist! We’ve incorporated 14 K gold with diamonds and have created an ever so stylish and glamorous alternative! Featuring exquisite craftsmanship and design, our piercings are crafted with nickel free gold, making them ideal for your health.




Special Screw Back Mechanism

Our piercings are produced with a special screw back mechanism that makes them ideal for your health and comfort. Unlike push back earring backings, our piercings are secured with a specially produced screw mechanism. This mechanism also allows you to change your piercing combo quite easily.


Smooth Surface

Our piercings are smooth. Their surface does not contain indentations or protrusions, preventing irritation and the formation of bacteria in the ear. Another important feature that distinguishes a piercing from an earring is that the backings are in the form of a bar. This structure allows your ear lobe or cartilage to breathe comfortably against possible swelling, since they fit comfortably in your ear that is still in the healing process without causing any damage. The bar system also enables you to easily remove your piercing if necessary.


Anti Allergic

Our piercings are all nickel-free, making them safe and anti-allergenic. Nickel, which is a substance that is frequently used in the industry can create allergic reactions when coming into contact with your ear or any other part of your body.

Click here for piercing aftercare suggestions.


Association of Professional Piercers Approved

The Association of Professional Piercers is an institution that standardizes the production and application of piercings. APP determines working conditions that will minimize possible complications that may occur after the piercing process. Kismet by Milka is the only Turkish jewelry brand that has obtained this certificate. Our products are produced with the patented approval of the Association of Professional Piercers, resulting in a safe piercing process.

Our piercing experts undergo a 3-month training recommended by the association. Experts who complete this training start working as piercing specialists in our stores.


Certified Piercing Experts

We provide a comfortable, reliable and hygienic piercing experience under the roof of Kismet by Milka, together with the help of our certified piercing experts! We also offer a complementary in-store perforation service for each piercing purchase! The most daring addition to Kismet by Milka's innovative manifesto, piercings are ideal for anyone who isn’t afraid to take risks! All you have to do is stop by our stores and choose the piece that calls to you.