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Maintenance & Repairs

Care Advices:

To maintain your Kismet by Milka design’s structure and appearance, we recommend you to follow the instructions below:

  • Try not to wear your jewelry at the beach or pool to avoid exposure to harsh chemicals. It’s best to keep your jewelry as dry as possible.
  • Since materials like creams, makeup products, or perfumes can cause your jewelry to lose its shine, avoid direct contact with these substances as much as possible.
  • Avoid leaving your jewelry under direct sunlight.
  • Ensure that your items are fastened to prevent any tangles.
  • Remove your jewelry during physical activities.

Maintenance & Repairs:

You can have your Kismet by Milka pieces repaired free of charge, within the scope of a lifetime warranty, starting from the date of purchase. Our after-sales services include professional jewelry resizing, cleaning, polishing, and repair.  A fee may occur for reasons such as user error, missing parts, or products that cannot be repaired and need to be rebuilt.

Here Is What Is Excluded From Our Guarantee:
1. If another jeweler performs any repair work on an item purchased from Kismet by Milka, the warranty will become void.
2. If there is any loss, deformation or damage on the product due to user error, the warranty becomes void.
3. Loss of a center stone such as a diamond or a gemstone is not covered by the Kismet by Milka warranty.

We accept products for care services at all Kismet by Milka stores. After your jewelry has been received, it is then sent to our atelier. Our jewelers will evaluate your jewelry and provide an estimate for the required repair. The repair will begin once you accept the estimate. Repairs can take between 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the extent of the work. You can bring your jewelry that needs repairing to any Kismet by Milka store or you can e-mail us at By contacting the Kismet by Milka communication line, you can plan to send your jewelry directly to the head office for repairs. The shipping fee for the products belongs to the sender.

Once the repair has been completed and the final quality control checks have been carried out, your jewelry is then returned to the store where you dropped it off. Our sales personnel will then contact you to let you know that your item is ready.