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Sparrow Feather Earring


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Product Features

  • 14k Roslow Gold; nickel-free and hypoallergenic
  • 0,02ct White Brilliant Diamond G / VS1 Round Cut

Birds are generally known to symbolize freedom&flight... A lot of cultures believe that they symbolize eternal life and some would say that they serve as the connection between heaven and earth too! Made out of 14k roslow gold, our dangling hoop earring features a beautifully patterned, subtle black rhodium-plated hoop that carries a playful sparrow.

Connected to the sparrow figurine, lays a stunning solitaire white diamond which also carries a bundle of plain gold, subtle black rhodium-plated feathers. This bold hoop with a lengthy drop is the ultimate item for the earthy bohemian! Pair this striking piece with small hoops and daintier studs to create a brave, balanced, and trendy look!