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Innerland, a symbol of our journey within… Inspired by the extraordinary forms of nature, the collection Innerland rejects the ordinary and creates its own universe. Pieces that we’ve dreamt of for ages partially turn into reality through sketches, but reach their remarkable final form through dozens of steps, transforming into something we’re truly proud to stand up for. To us, jewelry design is about transforming gold from a usable precious metal to a remarkable accessory, and then beyond that — to something meaningful. Dramatically inspired by the idea of a self, united with nature, this collection highlights animal figurines and the spiritual meanings they embody. Guiding everyone on a journey to “get back to their roots”, every single design within this collection includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and involves a search for internal strength, and meaning in life. Courage, might, justice, and glory… A few qualities to depict the King of the beasts, the Lion… With its fierce exterior, this magnificent ring is the absolute emblem of how far we’ve come in terms of craftsmanship and design…

Handcrafted with our one-of-a-kind gold tone Roslow Gold, the Lion Ring comes complete with stunning white diamonds. We hope and wish that this ring guides its owner into finding his/her inner strength, while becoming a constant reminder of the endless power he/she possesses.