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Circular Arrow Necklace


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Give direction to everyday outfits with our circular arrow slim chain necklace. This intricately detailed necklace features our quintessentially victorious arrow figure. A piece that's painstakingly crafted down to the finest detail, a circularly bent arrow wrapped with an exquisite gold thread, completed with an engraved fletching, and a beautifully bedazzled white diamond arrowhead waits to adorn the necks of all warrioresses out there. Made out of 14k roselow gold, this playful piece will charmingly embellish your neckline while bringing a bohemian chic touch! Our philosophy when it comes to necklaces is more is more! Combine this unique piece with layers of necklaces, such as pendants, chokers, slim chains, and lengthy chains to look like an absolute Glamazon goddess!