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Circle Ball Chain Cuff


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Cuffs are the perfect way to create a loaded ear stack without having to get your ears pierced! If you're one of those who are looking for a hassle-free ear curation the cuff earring is for you! Made out of 14k roslow gold, this striking cuff earring is nothing like you've ever seen before. With a polished plain gold cuff that's connected to a delicate gold ball chain, this stunning piece is here to bring your ears a golden touch of movement!

Both edgy and romantic, this piece also features a plain gold bar at the end of the chain, which enables you to insert the chain from your piercing just as if you're threading a needle! You may either insert the end of this unique piece from a single piercing or if you have more than one piercing hole, you may thread it through more, wrapping your ear lobe in gorgeous roslow gold! Either way, we suggest you combine this powerhouse cuff with loads of other earrings such as hoops, studs, and dangles to create an uber punk rock ear curation!


  • 14k roslow gold, nickel-free and hypoallergenic

* Earrings are sold singly.